A credit that relies on Guatemalans

Have you been looking to fulfill your dreams? We believe that all Guatemalans define ourselves as dreamers, for that reason, we are proud to be part of this beautiful country.

Tell us what are your dreams? Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to buy your own house? Have your own car? undertake? There are many possibilities! But only having dreams can you start thinking and organizing to achieve it.

We want you to start organizing your goals, taking care of your Financial Health. It is important that you can maintain a balance between your income and expenses, only in this way you can have monthly economic stability. This time we want to show you the benefits you get when you apply for a loan from Moan family, a financial institution that relies on the goals that Guatemalans want to achieve.

Characteristics of a Moan family credit

You do not need to present guarantor

We know! Getting a guarantor is complicated, it is very difficult to get a person to accept this type of responsibility since you must commit to respond to the obligations of another person. For that reason, with us, you do not need a second person to give you the credit.

Credit approval in less than 48 hours

Normally, always the waiting time for them to authorize a loan takes months, but since they approve your credit application that is in one day, the disbursement is made in less than 48 hours.

Up to Q80,000

Do you want your car? Do you want your motorcycle? Do you want your house? Your own business? The goals are long but we assure you that the important thing to achieve is to have the necessary capital. Now they have the possibility to request up to Q80,000 quetzales so you can achieve your dreams.

Low-interest rate

Low-interest rate

The ideal will always be to handle an interest rate equal to or less than 5 percent. We tell you that this is the rate you handle with Moan family credits.

Balance Erase Benefit

We know that you meet your timely payments, so you can automatically get the benefit of Borra Balance. Here you can know the bases for you to participate. There are only a few months left!

Ready! How about? These are the benefits you will have when applying for a Moan family loan. We want you to reach your goals in the best way, we trust all Guatemalans so that they can create a better one.