A holiday credit It’s time to rest!

Look no further excuses it’s time to rest. Traffic, work overload and so much stress deserve a break. In addition the school is over, this may be the best occasion for you to enjoy the ones you love most, although you surely have some doubts about the expenses, here are some tips to organize your budget for a trip.

First things first a monetary limit

The calculation of expenses will depend on how many people your family, adults, children or if you plan to travel alone. It is preferable to choose a destination that suits your budget. We are talking about tickets, transportation, accommodation and other small expenses; Having clear general prices, expenses are calculated per person and according to the number of days. You can also consider seeking external financing if you do not reach what is necessary and there are many options that give you only what you can afford, opting for a credit to your needs is always a good option.

Where and when to travel?

Your trip can be air or road. Keep in mind the expense of gasoline and expenses during the tour if you go in your own car.

As for a plane trip, there are high and low seasons, some more attractive for many vacationers who are different in all places, so agencies, hotels and airlines raise their prices. It is advisable to have alternatives before choosing a destination, it is even better if you have a specific reason to travel to that place.

Buy tickets in advance

A good idea is to buy the tickets with enough time before the trip, so you can get them at a lower price than the season in which you will travel. There are many differences between a national and an international trip, the price increases if it is a trip to another continent; Research more about the options at your desired location and don’t forget to always think about maintaining your financial health.


Does your trip need a hotel for accommodation only, or are you looking for a hotel to spend time and enjoy other benefits? Make a decision based on that. Keep in mind that hotels have different parameters to consider your minor children, as in Mexico with the 12 year limit.

The daily expense

Much of the expense will be on food, health, transportation and everything that assures you a pleasant stay. As for transportation, if you don’t have your car, hotels offer you a service that can be more expensive than that of local taxis; You can consider using public transport, it has great advantages in knowing the place better and reducing expenses, but your choice is a matter of safety. For food issues you can also decide on the one of the lodging, or consider restaurants frequented by tourists in the area.

Extra expenses

You are going to have fun, so consider that this also has a cost, find out about the prices of attractions, parks or tourist places, in many points you might have discounts for your child, even as a student.

Beware of unforeseen and personal items, for emergencies or health, even to pay long distance calls. Take all your IDs and also your son’s. Remember to save some money to spend on gifts, which does not exceed a certain amount. And most importantly: stay on top of the exchange rate if you travel to other countries, this is vital.

They may seem like a lot to think about, but they will help you know exactly how much you are going to invest, you may already have a certain amount set aside for a good holiday, even if you do not have the full amount, it is a good option to be prepared for contingencies and go to a special travel loan, to support you in covering what is necessary, if you are sure that your finances are healthy and allow it.