Ace, Infobabit’s New Credit Modality

This week Infobabit gave us the news of the expansion of its catalog of services. With the addition of Ace Credit, which joins programs such as Neroravit, Pure Infobabit and Konfidavit, this institution increases the chances of workers to improve their quality of life.

Why does Ace Credit arise?

Ace Credit is a financing program that arises in response to two basic problems of Mexican families:

1. The change in workplace

When a family faces the change in the workplace of the head of the household, it is almost impossible for this change, even if it is to improve the economic situation. Why?

Because many times the family feels tied to a house: Because they have no other place to go, because they do not have the economic conditions to challenge, or because they have not yet been liquidated to start a sales process.

2. Family growth

Many families buy their first home based on current members. If the family grows, many times the immediate money limits the growth of the property.

What is Ace Credit?

credit loan

Ace Credit is a financing program that consists of two products:

  1. Change house
  2. Expand your credit

Both products with different requirements and purposes that we explain below:

Change house

This product suggests the purchase of a new property without resorting to a new loan. How? Through the replacement of a warranty.

  • House of equal value: Only the guarantee change procedure is carried out
  • House of lower value: The difference is paid to the credit balance
  • House of greater value: The difference in value is covered with own resources


  • Have a traditional credit in force (At least 2 continuous years)
  • The credit must be individual (Not applicable for conjugal credits) and be current in payments
  • Not having made extensions in the last 2 years
  • Not having made use of the Payment Protection Fund in the last half year
  • That the house is documented in the Public Property Registry

Expand your credit


This product suggests expanding your current credit by at least $ 50,000 so you can expand or remodel your current home.


  • Have a valid Infobabit credit
  • The credit must be at least five years old and with current payments
  • Have a current employment relationship and that your salary is higher than what you had when you processed the credit
  • That your credit has not been restructured

That a change of address does not limit you, change your place of residence or expand your home and welcome new family members. Know this new type of financing and request the modality that best suits your needs.